A principle is “a fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of beliefs or behaviours or for a chain of reasoning. To live by a principle is to adopt a way of life that governs your every thought, word and deed, regardless of your circumstance or emotional state. It is one of the hardest things to do because it takes time and discipline; it takes constant practice and the resolution to commit. But principles are necessary and once you get over the initial discomfort of sticking to a routine, unlearning bad habits and learning the good ones, they become second nature.

Just ask any successful person you know, they’ll tell you it’s not an easy ride but, it is worth it. Some principles are embedded in the values and teachings from our immediate environment: the things we are so familiar with and yet sometimes take advantage of. In our daily life experiences however, there are significant lessons that if we are truly observant, would not elude us without us learning and growing from them. One of these significant lessons is deeply rooted in our ‘culture of celebrations’.

Have you ever attended a gala or received an invitation to attend an exclusive party with the who’s who of society? Do you remember that feeling of excitement and air of importance that made you sit up just a little bit straighter and stand just a little bit taller? Do you remember how self-confident you were and the extra care you took to make sure you didn’t put your foot in your mouth and embarrass yourself or your host or friends? Do you remember being in high spirits and looking forward to meeting new people? And do you remember ignoring the butterflies in your tummy when you were invited to hit the dancefloor? You were applying the GALA Principle, only you just didn’t know it.

GALA is an acronym for Grace, Attitudes, Language and Accountability. The GALA principle draws from this range of experiences described above to suggest that we should conduct our daily lives with GRACE, with a sophistication and polish that exudes quiet confidence; ATTITUDES that are positive and guide you to attain altitude; LANGUAGE that is courteous, and, the presence and maturity of mind to be personally ACCOUNTABLE for our actions.

If we are conscious of this principle, we will stand out from the crowd and always put our best foot forward, knowing that first impressions always leave lasting footprints.