Are you excited about Monday and the possibilities that come with a new week? Or are you ‘mad’ about it.

The human mind is conditioned to program beliefs based on life experiences. Similarly, other peoples’ experiences can also shape our beliefs, which explain how a couple of peoples’ bad Monday experiences propagated the popular notion that ‘Monday sucks’.

For the most part of your working life, you have heard people describe Monday as the worst day of the week. In fact, there are studies, which prove that more people are depressed on Monday than they are on any other day of the week. One could argue that the reason is because by Monday, people are still trying to switch back to the work mood after the weekend.

Luckily, beliefs can change which in turn can influence how we respond to certain situations. Imagine if you were more enthusiastic about starting a new week and saw Mondays as another day to achieve the goals you have set, wouldn’t you look forward to it?

So, be mad about Monday, madly- optimistic about how the day should end even if it doesn’t start out great. Be madly- in love with the idea that Mondays present to you a fresh slate to set and achieve goals for the week and mad enough to believe that Monday is the best day of the week.